Jun 042013

MegaphoneMy holiday has finally started! Those of you, who read my previous posts, know that this means I have officially started writing my new book.

So far, I have:

  • written four chapters;
  • consulted my toilet door three times to come up with new character names;
  • had a mini writer’s block;
  • got rid of the writer’s block by adding a completely new chapter, which in turn meant an interesting plot change further down the line;
  • had another mini writer’s block, causing me to be unable to make chapter four into a coherent piece of text, which is why I am writing this blog post instead.

I still have no idea how many chapters I will end up with (the estimate is currently 12), or how many words the book will have in the end (probably between 15.000 and 20.000 words).

However, using yWriter to keep track of all the characters and locations has been fun, even though it is a little bit more work copying in the text from Word.
It is worth it, though, as next to the handy word-count gadget, I love yWriter’s ‘play back’ feature, which actually reads the text back to you out loud. It regularly has me in stitches, not because my book is so funny (well, I do hope it eventually is, as it is supposed to be humorous), but because the ‘woman’ who is reading it has a strong American accent and is pronouncing names in a totally different way I had imagined them to be pronounced.
No matter. It is good to hear someone else read your words, even if it is in a metallic computer voice.

That being said, I have decided to skip chapter four for now and continue writing chapter five tomorrow morning. It promises to have an acceleration of the plot, which should be good.
In the meantime, I will reacquaint myself with marketing techniques, a very important part in the life of a self-published author.

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