Jacob Hicks Murder Mysteries


researchMy current writing project is a cosy mystery series set in Milbury, a fictional neighbourhood in the English city of York.

Jacob Hicks is a brilliant physicist, who’s obsession with his personal research project interfered with a great job at York University. Now forced to take a job as a physics teacher at the local secondary school, he continues his research in the rickety old shed on his allotment.

Next to his large project, Jacob conducts a host of smaller experiments in and around Milbury. His neighbours call him the ‘professor’, and stare and shake their heads at him. Jacob is seemingly oblivious to what is happening around him. However, his best friend Dave knows that Jacob has keen observational skills and great perception.

rat4When murder comes to Milbury, Jacob is labelled a suspect and he has no choice but to use his skills to save his own reputation. Much to his dismay the only way to do this is by working together with Emily, Dave’s scary niece, who herself is on probation for kicking a policemen in the shins and taking a bite out of another one.

As the humans give each other a hard time, there is a group of rats in Milbury, who are both baffled and fascinated by the behaviour of their two-legged neighbours. One rat in particular, Paddy, is just as keen an observer as Jacob.
While dealing with their own problems, Paddy and his friends might sometimes unwittingly help the humans solve the crimes.

Don’t feed the Rat!, Book One of the Jacob Hick Murder Mysteries, is now ready for pre-order on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and iBooks. It will be published on 15th May 2017.

This humorous and slightly surreal series of cosy mysteries are published under my penname Annie Appleton.
More information about the series can be found on Annie Appelton’s website.