Nov 022015

crest-05e1a637392425b4d5225780797e5a76The month of November usually gets writers in a bit of a tizzy as they have the chance to participate in the National Novel Writing Month. The idea is to write a novel (at least 80000 words) in one month, a challenge that requires a lot of concentration, spare time and fast typing skills.

I tried NaNoWriMo two years ago, but got nowhere as I’m a plotter, who can’t just sit down and start writing. I soon realised that planning my novel in that month of November as well as writing it, would be impossible, so I abandoned the project about a week in.
I decided that if I ever would do another NaNoWriMo, I would plan the novel in advance, something that is allowed according to NaNo ‘rules’.

This year I am participating in a NaNoWriMo of sorts. As of tomorrow, I am ready to start scene-blocking Book 1 of my series. A big step that I have been working towards for the last ten months.
I have never scene-blocked a book before, so I have no idea how long it will take. However I have set myself the task to finish it by the end of November, giving me my own personalised NaNoWriMo.

Scene-blocking is an exciting thing for me, as it is the start of writing my book. While scene-blocking I decide on the order in which events happen in my book. Every scene is described in short, without dialogue. In this way it is easy to move scenes around and change them, finding plot holes etc., without having to re-write the whole book.
This method of working allows me to go from large to small, adding more and more detail the smaller things get. And of course the smallest ‘size’ will be the complete finished book.

I’m looking forward to my NaNoWriMo, even though it will mean I have to get up earlier for a while to get the extra hours in. The result will hopefully be a complete planned out book that is ready for the next fase, the writing itself!

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Aug 272013

dog rockMy Top 5 most favourite books are:

1. Dog Rock by David Foster
2. Big Doin’s at the Chinese Baptist Church by Perry Bradford-Wilson
3. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
4. Champagne for One by Rex Stout
5. One pair of hands by Monica Dickens

If you’re wondering if there are any Indie books on that list, the answer is yes! Number 2.


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Aug 262013

Georgian houseThose of you who have read the other Indie Block Party posts last week, will not be surprised to hear that I am currently reading a murder mystery. From the moment I started reading in earnest, mysteries have been my favourite genre, although I do read the odd sci-fi novel.

I am currently reading Fellowship with Demons by Lexy Conyngham. It is the fifth and most recent book in the Murray of Letho series.

The blurb reads as follows:
Edinburgh 1810: Charles Murray of Letho, a young gentleman of means, is in much demand: a rich widow, an old friend, and new military acquaintances all need his help. But when Henry Dundas, Viscount Melville, sends him an invitation, vanity and curiosity force him to accept – and straightaway he has to deal with murder. Why did a cowardly surgeon kill a drunken engraver? And what would the consequences be, in the rainy mists of autumn? In the end Murray’s answers to his problems will lead to a decision that will change his life.

The series plays in early 19th century Scotland, mostly in the city’s St Andrews and Edinburgh. Murray is the eldest son of a well to-do man and inherits his father’s estate after his death. Where the first two books concentrate on Murray’s university years and work as a teacher for an earl’s sons, in the last two books he is a bit older and master of the house at Letho and the townhouse in Edinburgh.
Needless to say that in each books people get murdered and crimes are solved, but it is not the typical ‘I’m bored, so let solve a murder’ type of story. If at all, Murray is a rather more reluctant crime solver.

I discovered the Murray of Letho series on Amazon when looking for something new to read and it had good reviews. I like to read series and don’t really care whether they have a historical setting or modern. Once I get invested in the characters I simply want to read more.

I sincerely hope that the Lexy Conyngham is busy writing more Murray of Letho books, as I enjoy them very much. In the meantime, I will go looking for new mystery series to read.


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Aug 232013

interviewIn this fourth post to celebrate the Indie Block Party, I have interviewed Sydney, one of the other writers participating in the blog hop.

Sydney Aaliyah Michelle is an author from Texas, who has spent June writing a new book.

Can you tell us something about this book?
The book is a NA Romance called Another New Life. At the age of 10, Miranda Preston’s parents moved her to another city to start a new life in hopes of her forgetting the trauma she suffered as a child, but Miranda couldn’t forget. When she turns 18, she goes away to college to start another new life in hopes of finally dealing with her past, but her best friend who she hadn’t spoken to since they were kids, ends up at her college. Their friendship starts where it left off 8 years ago and quickly turns into a romance, but his minor connection to her tragic past if revealed will certainly prevent them from being together.

Why did you decide to write it?
I recently returned to my hometown after living in China for the last 5 ½ years. I became obsessed with this idea. What if you had another chance with an old boyfriend, how would things be different?

Why did you become an author?
I became an author because writing makes me happy. I’ve done so many other things in my life, but nothing holds my attention, calms my mind and brings me as much joy as writing. I figured it’s about time I do something I loved.

What sort of books do you write?
I write New Adult Romance and Women’s fiction.

What inspires you in your writing and generally in life?
Reading inspires me in my writing. I read a lot and learn lessons from everything I read. I know a book is good if it inspires me to want to sit down and write something. In life, anything creative inspires me. I am in awe of anyone who creates something from nothing to something, whether it’s a book, a painting, photograph, or a tattoo.

Who is your favourite author?
Stephen King is my all time favorite author, but I read so many different genres. If I read a book, then I have to read the authors entire body of work. I’m currently obsessed with Molly McAdams and Rachel Morgan.

Do you have any hobbies?
It’s funny, I used to list writing as my hobby. Now that I’m a writer, I need to find another hobby. Reading, watching and quoting movies and finding and trying new restaurants are my hobbies.

Are you having fun at the Indie Block Party?
I am having a blast at the Indie Block Party. I have to take a moment to extol the greatness that is Fel Wetzig, the creator of the Indie Block Party. I’ve known Fel for over a year in the blog world and she is one of the most generous and supportive bloggers out there.

Thank you, Sydney! And good luck with your projects.
Followe the link to check out Sydney’s website.

As part of the blog party, I was interviewed by Skye Callahan. It can be read on her Website.


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Aug 212013

rat4In this third post to celebrate the Indie Block Party I have interviewed one of the characters of my new book, Don’t feed the Rat!

Can you tell us something about yourself?
Of course. My name is Paddy and I am the rat who lives in the back gardens of nos. 41, 43 and 45 Alveston Road.

How do you spend your day?
As soon as I wake up, I check if the two-leggeds at no. 43 have left me some breakfast. I guess they think they are feeding the birds, but most of it is actually eaten by me. Gullible idiots…
After breakfast I move over the wall to the garden at no. 45. There’s usually something to eat there as well. Then I pop over to the allotments for a chat with my cousins, who live in an abandoned shed.
I don’t actually like going into the garden at no. 41 too much, coz the woman who lives there is a right b**ch.

Do you have any family and friends nearby?
Yeah. My sister Clara and her two young’uns lived in the garden at no. 43 for a while. They had some nice digs under the statue of the Buddha, but then one of the kids became a bit too enthusiastic while digging an extension and the whole thing collapsed in on them. At least they got out unharmed.
Then there are my cousins at the allotments and my pal Vinnie, who lives at the bottom of the hill near the electric substation. A bit too busy for me, so close to the main road, but he seems to like it.

Do you have any hobbies?
Eating is actually my main hobby, but I also like to hang around unseen on the wall between nos 41 and 43 and watch the two-leggeds argue. They are a crazy bunch.

Do you have any idea at the mayhem you have caused between the neighbours?
Well, the b**ch at no. 41 hates me for some reason, which I take exception to as I just mind my own business, but the ones at no. 43 are nice coz of the food. I did notice the other day that the b**ch at no. 41 was screaming at the ones at no. 43 that she wants me out of their garden. As if she has any say over what I do…

Do you feel at all threatened by what the people at Alveston Road do?
Last week Clara’s fiancé, who’d only just moved in with her, was hit in the head with a brick. Unfortunately he didn’t live to tell the tale, so yeah, I do feel a bit threatened by some of the behaviour of the two-leggeds around here.

Do you think the two-leggeds as you call them, will ever stop putting out food for the birds?
I surely hope not, coz I love living in this neighbourhood. However, I will keep an eye on the situation between the two-leggeds at nos. 41 and 43. If they start acting even more unpredictable, I will probably up sticks and move down the hill a bit. Would be nice to see my pal Vinnie a bit more often anyway.

What is your favourite kind of cheese?
Most definitely blue stilton.

Thank you for your candour, Paddy and good luck for the future!


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