Aug 242016

000014-0020-000001Five weeks ago, I wrote about my plans to become an author/entrepreneur and a lot has happened since then. It’s quite amazing how fast things can move, once you set your mind to something.

To get a better grip on how to turn myself into an author/entrepreneur, I am now following the steps in Joanna Penn’s book Business For Authors. How To Be An Author Entrepreneur.
I have set up a business plan, in which I have broadly sketched what my plans are for the next five years. Time for a little update.

Plans for 2017
In 2017 I want to publish Book 1 and Book 2 in my cosy mystery series, start podcasting about self-publishing for the Dutch writing market and publish a ‘How to self-publish’ book for that same Dutch market.
Unfortunately the Dutch market is stubborn, so after talking to my developmental editor Eva (who happens to know a lot about the Dutch writing market as well), I set myself a maximum of two years to make some inroads there. After those two years, I will review if it is still feasible to continue my efforts to penetrate that market, or if it’s better to focus on other things.

Co-writing new How To book
In the meantime, Eva an I have embarked on an exciting new project, which will give both of us some scalable income (read: a book to sell)!
During the last two years that Eva has been my developmental editor, we have created a new fiction writing technique together. We both have tried and tested our method for our respective writings and feel that the technique could help other writers plot and write their books easier and faster. It’s not a technique we have come across in the hundreds of books and blog there are on writing, so we truly feel we have developed something unique.
We are currently working on writing this book together and plan to have it published in June 2017.
This is a new venture, which I now have realised also fits perfectly into my author/entrepreneur route.

Online courses
Besides all this, I have started doing two online courses.
First a course to learn how to use the writing software Scrivener. I bought Scrivener about four weeks ago, as one of its features is that it can be used to compile ebooks in different formats, like e-pub and mobi. I have always found it quite a drag to create ebooks and in Scrivener it’s supposed to be a breeze, thereby making my life as an entrepreneur easier.
The second course is about online marketing and how to build a mailing list even before you have any books published. This is an in depth course and I am expecting to learn a lot.

Both courses cost money, but I am willing to pay and invest in myself. In my current day job, I also at times have to follow courses, which in those cases are paid for by my employer. In the case of my author/entrepreneurship I am my own employer, and spending money on becoming an expert is a must.

For the rest of 2016 I have the challenge to find a new balance between my writing on one side and the courses, blogging etc. on the other side. I have a good feeling about it all. As long as I still have time go to the gym and watch the odd sit com on TV for leisure, it will be okay.
Busy, but exciting times ahead! :)

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