Aug 302013

newsletterThis is already my final post for the Indie Block Party. Can’t believe it has gone this fast.

One of the most important things an Indie writer must do is building a name for themselves. Creating a brand for yourself is hard, but a must, as readers need to start recognising your name (whether your own name or a penname) and know what books they can expect.

Yesterday I mentioned that sometimes I write articles voluntarily. I am not paid for this, but it helps building my brand, as my name is mentioned on websites and in local newspapers.

One thing I whish I had known before I started self-publishing was the importance of having a brand and thereby the opportunity to start marketing a new book even before one word is written.
Building a new-release-mailing-list is the first thing a new author should start doing. Get a website (they can be set up for free in five minutes via site like and give visitors the opportunity to register for the mailing list. offers free mailing lists.
Also, set up an author page on Facebook and start building ‘likes’. It is best for a mailing list and likes on Facebook to grow organically, which takes a lot of time.

Indie writers are a helpful bunch, who congregate on forums and Facebook groups to help each other out. Instead of seeing other writers as competition, Indie writers have found that sticking together they sell more books.
Some groups and forums that writers should join or visit regularly are Indie Writers Unite on Facebook, the KDP forums and Kboards, which have a special section for writers.

Keep in mind that most people don’t like seeing loads of ‘Buy My Books’ post in their newsfeed on Facebook or Twitter. Of course, it is important to let people know your books are for sale, but it is more important to socialise and connect. If people see that you are interested in them, it will reflect favourably on the brand that you are so carefully building up.

Above all keep writing! There is no better way to get more sales than publishing a new book.

I have had loads of fun these past two weeks meeting new writers! Good luck to everyone!


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    great information I dint know about mailing lists i need ot vist mailchimp thanks for the advice


      I found David Gaughran’s ‘Let’s get visible’ a great help with marketing. It has a large section on mailing lists and how to use them.
      It’s not easy to build a mailing list. It takes years. Keep in mind that it is not the same as a blog subscription. I use my mailing list (which has only two names on it so far…) to tell people about my new releases and nothing else. The ‘trick’ is to use the mailing list to send an email to the fans/readers two days before the real lauch, so that they get the bonus of reading the new book earlier then ‘just buyers’.
      For Indie writers it is very important to start marketing early on, even while you are still writing. Not always easy, but it has to be done. At the moment I am doing an experiment with pre-marketing my WIP, while I am still writing. With my first five books I started marketing after the books were published. It will be very interesting to see if pre-marketing gives different results.


    Maria I hadn’t thought about getting the ball rolling prior to the book being ready to release.
    … I still think I need to get a tad more progress and confidence in getting this book finished but I like the idea of getting the audiences started early and slowly. Yup I’m pretty sure its going to take a looong time.


      You can’t start early enough with getting the word out about your new book, Elaine! But I can also understand that you need some confidence to get it finished. But as soon as you are, I would start marketing! :)

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