Aug 262013

Georgian houseThose of you who have read the other Indie Block Party posts last week, will not be surprised to hear that I am currently reading a murder mystery. From the moment I started reading in earnest, mysteries have been my favourite genre, although I do read the odd sci-fi novel.

I am currently reading Fellowship with Demons by Lexy Conyngham. It is the fifth and most recent book in the Murray of Letho series.

The blurb reads as follows:
Edinburgh 1810: Charles Murray of Letho, a young gentleman of means, is in much demand: a rich widow, an old friend, and new military acquaintances all need his help. But when Henry Dundas, Viscount Melville, sends him an invitation, vanity and curiosity force him to accept – and straightaway he has to deal with murder. Why did a cowardly surgeon kill a drunken engraver? And what would the consequences be, in the rainy mists of autumn? In the end Murray’s answers to his problems will lead to a decision that will change his life.

The series plays in early 19th century Scotland, mostly in the city’s St Andrews and Edinburgh. Murray is the eldest son of a well to-do man and inherits his father’s estate after his death. Where the first two books concentrate on Murray’s university years and work as a teacher for an earl’s sons, in the last two books he is a bit older and master of the house at Letho and the townhouse in Edinburgh.
Needless to say that in each books people get murdered and crimes are solved, but it is not the typical ‘I’m bored, so let solve a murder’ type of story. If at all, Murray is a rather more reluctant crime solver.

I discovered the Murray of Letho series on Amazon when looking for something new to read and it had good reviews. I like to read series and don’t really care whether they have a historical setting or modern. Once I get invested in the characters I simply want to read more.

I sincerely hope that the Lexy Conyngham is busy writing more Murray of Letho books, as I enjoy them very much. In the meantime, I will go looking for new mystery series to read.


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    Mystery books can be so fun! Is our protagonist still a reluctant investigator by the fifth book?


      Yes, he is. He sort of stumbles across murders, or friends ask him to look into something that results in murder. That sort of thing.
      I was thinking about this, because for an historic mystery writer it can’t be easy to find legitemate reasons for the hero to start solving crimes. The police was either not yet in existance or just set up, as is the case in the Murray of Letho books, and still corrupt and incompetent.
      But I think Lexy Conyngham does a good job to make it sound legitimate and real.
      I have now finished this book and apparently in the next one Murray will travel abroad to the subcontinent. Will be interesting to see where that goes.


    That actually sounds like one BIG story chopped into five books since the MC’s aging across the series. I can see why you like Murray of Letho.


    Sounds fun! I might have to add this to my list as well!


    I wonder what are his reasons to be reluctant about solving the mystery and how he manages to get over them to actually do the job.


      His father died young, so at 25 he now has to run the estate his father left him. I guess he’s busy with that.
      I wonder what will happen in the next book and if he ever really will become involved in solving murders. Will have to wait and see. :)


    Thanks so much for your kind remarks! I’m working on the next book, truly: hope it will be out in 2014, if not before.


      Thank you for reading my blog, Lexie! I really enjoy your books and am looking forward to reading book six! :)
      Do you by any chance have a new-release-mailinglist?


    No, I don’t, but if you like I could let you know when the next one comes out! I generally tell people on my blog and via pages on Goodreads, but I can’t expect people to go round checking those all the time!


      That would be great, Lexie! Thanks! :)
      You can email me at: maria (at) mariastaal (dot) com.

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