Jul 182013

Celebrate2A few weeks ago, Bol.com, one of the largest web shops in the Netherlands, announced the new feature that enables self-publishers to upload their paperbacks and ebooks directly to the website, not unlike KDP and CreateSpace do for Amazon.

For years I have been waiting for this possibility, as Amazon doesn’t allow Dutch language books and Smashwords is difficult to use for Dutch buyers. Most of my books are written in English, but I do have one Dutch translation that I am keen to sell to the Dutch public. For the above reasons, it hasn’t taken off yet, so you can understand that, although the ebook market is still small in the Netherlands, I jumped at the opportunity to get my ebook on to Bol.com.

Today it has all gone through and Tussen containers en tijdzones, is now for sale as ebook on Bol.com!
To celebrate this fact the paperback copy of the book is now on special offer for limited time only. Please visit my Dutch Website for the details.
Anyone interested in buying the ebook on Bol.com can do so via the following link: Tussen containers en tijdzones.
The English version of the ebook is now on sale at Bol.com as well. For that please check Time Zones, Containers and Three Square Meals a Day.

Another reason to celebrate is that the editing of my new book is nearing its completion. After a weekend of pulling out my hair in despair that it was going nowhere, I yesterday saw the light and now feel that the book is ‘coming together’.
My beta readers better get ready!

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