Jun 292013

woman happySorry for my silence the past few weeks, but I was in a writing mode and couldn’t concentrate on very much else.

My holiday is now over and I managed to write all but the last chapter of the new book! I am very happy with what I have done so far. I still need to add a lot of stuff, but I will step back for a few weeks and focus on other things.

Yesterday I received an email from a Dutch Amazon-like website, which is now letting people publish their own books on their site, in ebook form, as well as Print on Demand paperbacks. This is really big news, as for a while now I have been pulling my hair in frustration that I couldn’t publish the Dutch translation of Time Zones as ebook on a Dutch site. I could (and have) published it via Smashwords, but for Dutchies it is not easy to buy ebooks from Smashwords.

So finally, in the coming week I am publishing the Dutch Time Zones ebook on a Dutch website! Not only that, for they allow English language ebooks as well, so I am publishing Time Zones and More Stories on the site at the same time. I just have to wait for the arrival of three ISBN numbers and then sales can begin!

It’s high time I earn a bit of dough again, as I got a disappointing letter from the tax office the other day informing me that I hadn’t paid enough tax last year. Better not to dwell on that too much and just look forward to a busy few weeks in which editing my new book has the highest priority.

On a side note, this coming week I have a meeting with an illustrator about the cover for the new book. She makes the most amazing cartoons, which I feel are perfect for my story, so fingers crossed that we can work something out.

Now that everything is starting to take shape I can’t wait to see the result.

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    Good! Nice that your book is almost finished, so far.
    Great also that you can now sell your books on a dutch site, too. You’ll reach much more people this way.

    A bummer though from your tax, hope you’ll be earning enough with your books, in future.


      I am really excited about the Dutch site, as I have been waiting for years for this to happen. Hopefully many Dutch writiers will take the opportunity to publish their own ebooks, and thereby making ebooks more popular in the Netherlands.
      There is a long way to go, but it is great to be at the forefront of this ‘Dutch self-publishing revolution’.


    Good to hear! I am curious… We should chat soon!


      Hey Michelle! I have quite an interesting idea for marketing the new book, which I will work on in the next month. Hopefully it will make people curious about the new book. Fingers crossed. :)
      And yes, we should chat soon!

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