May 252013

womanWow, I never knew fiction writing was so much fun! Can’t believe I didn’t try it before.

Although I planned not to start writing my new book until in my holiday, I found myself with inspiration earlier this week. Inspiration should never be wasted (I found that out the hard way), so I started writing the first chapter on Monday. Before I knew it, I was 1300 words further down the road.

What actually started off as a bit of a warm-up exercise (with the goal to get the hang of yWriter), quickly turned into a full-blown writing-mode. Filling in the characters and making up names for them in yWriter, inspired me enormously. However, maybe instead it was the nifty word-count gadget that yWriter has. It keeps track of how many words you still need to write before the book is finished and I just couldn’t bear to have it stand at zero for another fortnight.

Coming up with character names is very new to me. In non-fiction (at least the kind I have written so far), it is not a necessary thing to do. I know some writers use books with baby names for inspiration, but for me it was the inside of my toilet door.
In an attempt to brighten up this little room, I taped an old Ordnance Survey map to its door when I moved in four years ago. Its scale is such that it shows even the tiniest towns and hamlets. These have been a great source for the names of characters and streets in my new book. For instance, Emily’s housemate Jack now has the surname Wilcrick (a tiny hamlet in southeastern Wales) and the road where Emily works is called Woolaston Road (a small town near Chepstow).

Not only do the names on the map give me inspiration for my new book, some names actually spark my imagination. Like Cat’s Ash, a tiny hamlet near Newport. I am sure there is a story in that…

With the word counter now standing on 1300, I just have another six days before my holiday starts. Then I can really start grafting. Can’t wait!

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    Very funny, the toilet door for inspiration. But good you’ve already 1300 words!! I can imagine thinking of the names give you inspration to go on writing.
    Keep on the good work!

    Greetings, Yvonne


      Thanks, Yvonne! Thinking up names is so much fun. And it does indeed give me ideas for new characters. :)

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